Deadly Destinations: Jennifer Knight & win the Blood on the Moon series

August 19, 2012 Deadly Destinations 53

Today’s Deadly Destination  is from Jennifer Knight‘s Do’s and Don’ts when Living in Scenic (Werewolf-infested) Colorado from BLOOD CRAVE (published on August 14th 2012 by Running Press). Want to win the whole series? Enter via the widget below.

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Do’s and Don’ts when Living in Scenic (Werewolf-infested) Colorado from BLOOD CRAVE

So, you want to go to college in Colorado. Who doesn’t, right? The weather is unimaginably perfect nine months out of the year, there’s skiing, hiking, kayaking, you name it. We got it.

The one thing they don’t mention in the brochures? Werewolves. Vampires. General supernatural mayhem.

I’m here to give you the lowdown on HOW TO SURVIVE YOUR FRESHMAN YEAR in Colorado. Nobody told me, but I’m telling you.

DO wear silver at all times. Werewolves hate it. Think mace for humans. Shove it in their faces (that, is, if you get close enough before you’re dog chow) and they’ll back off. Trust me. I use it on my boyfriend all the time.

DON’T wander through the woods at night. You’d think this would be obvious even without werewolves and vampires lurking about, but it’s surprisingly tempting. I do it a lot, myself, but I have a sexy were-boyfriend to protect me. You? Not so lucky. Do yourself a favor: don’t be someone’s dinner. Stay the hell inside at night.

DON’T visit the nightclub Zydeco’s. I have no idea why über powerful, extremely sexy undead beings are drawn to the Podunk glamour of this cheese ball club, but they are. They flock to it apparently, since every time I go, I almost get eaten. Zydeco’s: Stay. Away.

DO learn how to make your own stake out of unassuming objects. Basic rules: Vampires = wooden stake. Werewolves = silver. Lucas has a custom-made stake with wood and silver on either end. Call me crazy, but I don’t have one of those lying around. But I do have wooden chairs and a drawer full of silverware. And so do you. Get creative. This is your life we’re talking about.

If you find yourself cornered by a vampire, DON’T try to run. I know this sounds morbid, but vampires like to play with their food. Putting up a fight will only excite them further. Your best bet? Make lots of noise. Sure, they can just drag you off to a deserted area, but the more noise you make, the more likely it is that someone else will hear you and come to help. Just pray that someone brings a silver fork or something.

And lastly, if you happen to meet a grumpy, ill-tempered boy whose eyes mysteriously change color . . . unless you’re a glutton for punishment, DON’T fall for this guy. Odds are he’s a werewolf.

Well, that’s about it. Follow these rules and you have every chance of surviving your freshman year in Colorado. Oh, and one last thing: If you somehow manage to get caught up in the supernatural world and you need help? DON’T call me. I’ll just make it worse.


Giveaway provided by Running Press
5 sets of the Blood on the Moon series (BLOOD ON THE MOON & BLOOD CRAVE) by Jennifer Knight

Blood on the Moon (Blood on the Moon, #1)Blood Crave (Blood on the Moon, #2)


Published by Running Press


Headstrong heroine Faith Reynolds returns in this thrilling sequel to the paranormal romance Blood on the Moon!

After surviving being kidnapped by a vampire, Faith would just love to focus on some alone time with her hot (though occasionally furry) boyfriend, Lucas. Unfortunately, with a vampire uprising on the horizon and her best friend, Derek, about to wake up and find himself transformed into a half-werewolf, half-vampire being without a beating heart, Faith has a few other things to take care of first.

Faith is not without help, in the form of her newfound powers of sensing people’s emotions and being able to influence werewolves’ actions, not to mention her begrudging but rather helpful boyfriend. Even so, convincing a werewolf packmaster to prepare for an epic battle may be difficult to do without solid evidence.

Lose yourself once more in the deliciously suspenseful world of werewolves versus vampires, otherworldly boys with deadly charm, and addictive, spine-tingling action and romance!

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53 Responses to “Deadly Destinations: Jennifer Knight & win the Blood on the Moon series”

  1. Kristen Heyl

    Hmm, I think my boyfriends eyes change weird colors….I will have to look into that werewolf thing…thanks…lol.

  2. Caty R

    my eyes change colors! but probably not as drastically as a werewolf’s

  3. Nora-Adrienne Deret

    Eye color changes are part of my maternal grandmother’s family. All of us have shades of blue when we are healthy.. When we are sick or in a bad mood it becomes shades of green. Three of my 4 kids also have this trait.

  4. Michelle B.

    Never read the books but they sound really good…Thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Pat

    How did this book inspire you or you inspire some others? For the author.

  6. wanda flanagan

    These books sound awesome .I will definately be reading these .Thank you for sharing with us .Have a great week.

  7. Kai W.

    Silver for werewolves and a cross for vampire. Need a contingency plan if I’m caught in the wood with them in it.

  8. jennifer mathis

    my eyes also change colors but i love silver so i think im safe lol

  9. Chelsea B.

    Absolutely adored this! Thank you so very much for the tips… I’ll be sure to keep them in mind 😉

  10. erinf1

    Thanks for the great “tips”. Definitely going to go check out your series 🙂

  11. A.H.

    I’ll be packing my silver covered wooden stake when I visit this town…Looking forward to reading this book.

  12. Victoria Zumbrum

    Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I can’t wait to read this book. It sounds very good.

  13. Joanne B

    How many books in the series? This sounds fantastic. Can’t wait to read it.

  14. Beth M.-USA

    Can’t wait to read these Jennifer Knight books. Hope I win!

  15. Barb P

    These books sound fantastic! I can’t wait to read them! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  16. Vanessa

    Just a tad snarky… I am so LOVING it! I just added you to my list… but then I realized you were already on my TBR list. So I found it necessary to move you up! Fabo giveaway! Thanks.

  17. justpeachy36

    Great covers on these books. Thanks for the opportunity to win .

  18. Viki S.

    This sounds like another great YA. Do you enjoy how adults are really liking YA’s and why do you think that is?

  19. Brandy M

    The books sound interesting adding them both to my TBR 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway

  20. Christiane C.

    Thanks for the giveaway! Love the covers 😀
    What inspired you to write these books?

  21. helen

    I am entering the contest because I can’t find an electronic copy and only buy e- no paper for me! Will your book be available on the Nook?

  22. Julie S.

    This sounds like a really cool series. Thanks for the giveaway.

  23. Chelsea Foust

    I love all vampire werewolf books, especially when the heroine has a bit of magic herself! Looks great! 🙂

  24. 3monstersmom

    Discovering new series like this one is one of the reasons I love ATUF. Can not wait to check these books out.

  25. Enigma75

    I LOVE discovering new books to read! These are definitely going on the TBR list, thank you for the giveaway!!

  26. Sariah

    This is a new series for me, sounds very interesting. I really like that they are set in beautiful Colorado, since this is where I live 🙂 I enjoyed your post of the dos and don’ts. Thanks for the chance.

  27. Natalia J

    This is a new series to me in which I will add into my books to read. 🙂 I can’t wait to read it.

  28. Susan

    I hadn’t been familiar with this series. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the giveaway.

  29. Rachel at theJeepDiva

    This series sounds really good. I would love to read it.

  30. Peggy

    This is a new author for me and I would really love to win one of the books I hear good things about them and they caught my attention . Thank you for the chance to win .

  31. AndreaM.

    This series sounds interesting. I’ll have to check it out. 🙂

  32. Lili

    This sounds awesome! Can’t wait to read this! Thank you so much for the giveaway!

  33. Jean S.

    OK, maybe I don’t want to visit Colorado anytime soon… This sounds like a great series. Thanks for the giveaway!

  34. DeeDee Griffin

    I love vampires and werewolves and otherworldly boys! Can’t wait to start reading this series!

  35. Jolene A

    This is the first I am hearing about these books and now I can’t wait to get my hands on them. Sounds great, thanks for the chance to win

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