Cover Art Coverage: Global Edition

August 25, 2012 Cover Art Coverage 0

 Cover Art Coverage: Global Edition

Its time for another Cover Art Coverage: Global Edition! Rob Thurman’s covers for MADHOUSE and DEATHWISH were so similar that it was a tough choice to pick between the two. Which covers do you like best?

Tempest’s Fury by Nicole Peeler



Tempest's Fury (Jane True, #5)



US – Hrm…. I originally didn’t like the UK cover at all, but I think that was due to the bright pink on this one. The motif of her being underwater is awesome, and perfect for Jane. That being said, I think the US covers better capture the lighter tone and zaniness that is this series.


US- I am going with the more animated looking cover. All of the covers in this series look very cute and unique. They may not look very “Paranormal Romance’y” but they just look fun.

Rift by Andrea Cremer



Rift (Nightshade Prequel, #1)

UK – Very romantic and intriguing, the US cover looks very plain-Paranormal YA by comparison

UK-I love the flowers coming out of the title. I agree that it is very romantic looking.

Romeo Redeemed by Stacey Jay



Romeo Redeemed (Juliet Immortal #2)

-(GE cover) I have to say I am loving this cover…even though I don’t know who the girl is supposed to be since neither of the female leads has black hair but…*shrug.* She’s got a nice look in her eye, however, mysterious with a hint of naughty and challenging. I approve.


DE – Lovely and romantic, with none of the Photoshopped surf problems of the US cover.

DE-It feels more YA and I like the title style a bit better.

Sandman Slim by Richard Kadrey



Sandman Slim (Sandman Slim, #1)



US – Wow, this is a tough choice. Both series styles have a very vivid “set the stage” feel, and I love the scratchy, drawn quality of the UK covers. Still, the US evokes more menace and mystery, the UK covers are over the top horror. I find the US covers more enticing.

UK-The covers are more consistent and I like how each book has a different character and different color theme. I like KILL THE DEAD best with the woman climbing/crawling out of the cover.

Born to Bite by Lynsay Sands



Born To Bite


US – All the covers in this series are pretty hit or miss, but the UK cover could have been a Thriller (other than the “bite” hint in the title).

US-The UK version would fit better with a thriller or murder mystery book. Bloody knife doesn’t scream paranormal romance at all. The US version on the other hand fits well with what the books are about.

The Lost Girl by Sangu Mandanna



The Lost Girl

THE LOST GIRL has a German cover! I was super-excited to see it and really do love it – it’s so strange that it’s so different from the US cover, but they’re both amazing and both capture the spirit of the book.


US – The German cover has a very 70’s/80’s feel to me, I remember lots of covers like this in the YA section of the library. Though the layering is similar, the colors and use of ruins on the US cover give a much more eerie feel.

US-I like the images reflected in the model. It fits with the description of Eva being an ‘echo’ of another girl. The German version is okay but doesn’t grab me.

Chasing Magic by Stacia Kane



Chasing Magic (Downside Ghosts, #5)



UK – I feel like the model they used is a much more likely Chess, super pale and with a headache.

US-Just not a fan of the UK model. I think she’s trying for sexy or strung out maybe? I like the city in the background instead of just a blue background.

Madhouse by Rob Thurman



Madhouse (Cal Leandros, #3)


US – I like the angle better on the US cover, and the tension. The UK cover is a little darker, which is nice, but I don’t like the expression on the model’s face. He looks like a surly teen rather than a supernatural killing machine.

UK-The covers for this series are practically the same for both the US and UK. I like the rainy dark back alleyway in the UK one better.

Deathwish by Rob Thurman



Deathwish (Cal Leandros, #4)



US – I like how close these two are, but I opt for use. The angle has a little more drama, and I like the little smile on his face.

US-Both are so similar it is nearly impossible to choose. US for the shallow reason that I like the guy’s hair better in it.

Original Sin by Lisa Desrochers





PL – I love this cover, much more “supernatural adventure” than “high school drama”.

PL-Both are very pretty but the Polish version is more fitting with the heaven and hell theme in the books. The wings and the two guys on either side of her reflects the struggle between the two in the book.

Which versions of these covers do you like? Tell us in the comments

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