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We are welcoming back Erin Kellison today to talk about FIRE KISSED the fourth in her Shadow series (available now from Zebra). In Julia’s review of FIRE KISSEDshe said, “Kellison’s Shadowseries sits next to Thea Harrison’s Elder Races and Eileen Wilks World of the Lupi for the purest blend of my favorite things: romance and magic.”  Sounds good, right?  See below for a chance to win a copy.

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Erin Kellison’s Top 10  great, not-so-great, and really bad fantasy movies from my childhood

First, a huge thank you to All Things Urban Fantasy for having me here today. And thank you to the readers stopping by. I’ve got a doozy of a list for you. To be entered to win a copy of Fire Kissed, book one in my Shadow Kissed series, just let me know which of these you’ve seen (liked or hated), or add to the list.

In preparation for this top ten, my husband pulled a list of fantasy and science fiction movies from the eighties, when I was a kid and early teen. I’d seen every single one on the list… when I was kid. I was born between boys and had a dad who loved this kind of stuff, and so I got the benefit of their entertainment.

This list was almost impossible to put together since there were so many movies to choose from. So, in no particular order, here are ten that made me as twisted and weird as I am today. (BTW, I could have probably found a hundred.)


The Neverending Story

I lived Bastian’s story. I was Bastian, the kid who’d rather live in a book than in real life. Plus, I really wanted to be as pretty as the Empress.  And I wanted the jewel that hangs on her forehead.  Incidentally, the hero of my recent release, Fire Kissed, is named… Bastian.



Big crush on Val Kilmer. Loved the humor.



Tom Cruise in a Peter Pan outfit. The beautiful Mia Sara setting out to make things right. Plus, and this is probably deviant, but I think I was a little attracted to the demon guy. Wish I was kidding, but alas, no.


The Hobbit (Rankin/Bass animated version)

Staple of my childhood along with the LOTR cartoon.


The Terminator

Not a fantasy, but I had to include it because it ignited MY fantasies.  My dad dragged me to the movie when it came out. Dragged me. I remember having NO interest in seeing it. Then, for the very first time in my life, I was totally and utterly turned on by a hero. It was Reese and my eyes must have been huge during the sex scene. I swear I came out of the movie with my heart in my throat and fantasized about Reese for years to come. True story.


Conan the Barbarian

I watched all the warrior fantasy hero movies, Conan, Krull, Beastmaster, Sinbad, Clash of the Titans. I saw them all and now that I am reminded, I might have to inflict them on my children. Loved them. My husband couldn’t believe that I remembered the Beastmaster’s ferrets. Yep.



David Bowie. Giant puppet muppets. This movie is a serious trip. Must see.


The Last Unicorn

Another Rankin/Bass cartoon. Just bought it for my kids and made them watch it. Didn’t take with my eldest, but my little one fell for it. Great score by America.




LOVED this movie. Isabeau (Michelle Pfeiffer was so pretty). Loved Rutger Hauer’s hero in this, so angry, silent, and tortured. Came to love the idea of shape-shifters.



I am not kidding when I say my wedding band inscription is “There can be only one.” Okay, some of the Highlander movies were bad. I don’t care. I love the TV series too. Love the Queen music… Who wants to live forever? Now I hear they are doing a remake with Ryan Reynolds. Of course I have to go, but I have mixed feelings.


Which movies have you seen? How would you extend my list?

 Erin KellisonErin Kellison is the author of the Shadow Series, which includes Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall, as well as the upcoming Shadowman (Sept 2011), and the e-novella Shadow Touch (June 2011). Stories have always been a central part of Erin’s life. She attempted her first book in sixth grade, a dark fantasy adventure, and she still has those early hand-written chapters. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English Language and Literature and went on for a masters in Cultural Anthropology, focusing on oral storytelling. When she had children, nothing scared her anymore, so her focus shifted to writing fiction.



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War is inevitable between the defenders of the Order and the mage Houses who threaten to engulf the world in Shadow. For Jack, mage-born Kaye is off limits, no matter how hot the impossible attraction between them. But in the coming darkness, beset by danger and desire, everything is about to change…

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70 Responses to “Top 10 List & Giveaway: Erin Kellison’s Fantasy Movies from her Childhood & win FIRE KISSED”

  1. Nerine Dorman

    You are a woman after my heart, and I’ve obsessed about all these films except for Legend, which I oddly missed out on. Highlander and Ladyhawke are still two of the films as I cite as being most influential in my writing.

  2. Tamlyn

    Ahh, memories.

    The question is too hard . I think I would prefer visiting in general though, rather than living. Urban fantasy worlds tend to be… painful places. Unless it’s at the end of the series – I might survive near the end of some series’ worlds.

  3. Victoria Zumbrum

    I love Ladyhawke and Legend. They are too of my favorite movies. I would like to visit all of them so I can experience all.

  4. Lee

    Without a doubt, I would love to visit the Mercy Thompson world. Love that North American pack! And I love the movies listed here. Reminds me of when I was a kid. Beastmaster…My name is Dar! Love it.

  5. Rebe

    I agree with Lee – I’d want to visit the Mercy Thompson world! I’d also love to visit the world of Kate Daniels, although it seems a bit more unstable than Briggs’ world is.

  6. Tobi H

    Obsidian! I’d love to meet Daemon!!!! LOL

    This book looks amazing and right up my alley! Crossing fingers! <3

  7. A.H.

    That’s a great list of movies. What fantasy world would I like to visit? Seraphina’s world sounds beautiful.

  8. Caty R

    Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld would be cool to live in

  9. Gale Nelson

    I agree with Tobi Obsidian! I’d love to meet Daemon

  10. Scoot

    Oh man, I just had some serious childhood flashbacks! I am now going to have to find copies of ALL of these to re-watch them. I loved them as a child – I wonder how much I would enjoy them now?! Haha. As for urban fantasy worlds – I would love to live in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I am still waiting for my hogwarts letter 🙂

  11. Samantha D

    Def Harry Potter’s world! But id also go for Eragon’s world!

  12. Molly Frenzel

    When I was little my 3 favorite movies that I rented at the video store (everytime w/o fail) were Labyrinth, Legend, and The Last Unicorn. I’ve seen them all so many times I can still quote all the words. I would love to visit the world in Labyrinth. Especially if Jared, the goblin king, was still hanging around.

  13. Carole Gunn

    Logan’s run, Dreamscape. Alien…. and even older.. The day the earth stood still and Time Machine… I am a little older.

  14. Leslie Dover

    I would definitely have to say the Harry Potter world. I would love to be able to do magic and ride on brooms!!!

  15. Viki S.

    Kelley Armstrong’s Tales of the Otherworld world because it’s still so similar to our world. I’d fit :).

  16. Raonaid Luckwell

    Neverending story. Ahhhh I think my parents got sick of this movie and I always bawled when Arjax, the horse died. And was it just me that had a crush on Atreyu? Hehe. The sequels always fell flat.
    Willow! I have this movie in my collection. Val Kilmer was Rawr. I do believe I have the book too.. Informative and speaks of the characters background. Still good.
    Legend – The only TOM CRUISE movie I liked. Even have this movie in my collection too. Tim Curry (the demon) he always can play the baddies so deliciously well!
    Ahhh Terminator. That and Termiator 2 were really awesome. My dad loved this show so much.
    Conan. Red Sonja, Willow, all must have started the fantasy need.
    Labyrinth! Seriously this movie touched me.. And I raised my sons on this movie. True story. My fourteen year old use to call it The Toby movie. I always wanted Jareth to be redeemed. I even have the soundtrack. LOL
    Ahh The Last Unicorn. This story NEVER gets old. I had to have a unicorn after this show. Love the soundtrack and every now and then I have to watch the animation. I even got a chance to read the book. Still think she should have remained a maiden to marry the prince.
    LadyHawke – this was a favored of my mother and I loved it too.

    Though you are missing The Dark Crystal, Sheena, Red Sonya, Beastmaster. Yeah I think those fed me early for the want of pure fantasy books. LOL.

    I would jump at the chance to visit Mercedes lackey’s Valdemar world. I want to see a Companion face to face. See the Hawkbrothers with their aerials and bondbirds, to see a gryphon and have him talk to me, and run the plains with the shin’a’in

    Tanks for the blast from the past

  17. julie

    i was adult seeing most of these movies. remember them well. ive read to many books to just pick 1 world. i would have to do an 80 day thing instead of visiting countries. it would be worlds, then i could see nearly all the worlds i lived in while reading the stories

  18. Jessica Jordan

    I don’t know how I would pick only one. There have been so many fantastic fantasy worlds that people have created that would be awesome to live in. I think LOTR Elven lands would be great to live in. They are so beautiful and peaceful.

  19. Crystal W. Smith

    Sigh…I have seen all of those too! I would have to say that Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Ichidian Universe sounds like an absolutely exciting place to be! Not to mention all of the deadly, handsome and strong males of the League!

  20. Marie-Claude

    I would like to visit Kelly Armstrong Women of the Otherworld or Anne Bishop Black Jewel Serie!!!

  21. Abigail

    Love them all. I still can’t believe that that is Tim Curry playing the demon in Legend. I would totally add The Ewok Adventure to this list 🙂

  22. Denise Z

    I absolutely had to laugh at this post. I was so surprised that I had seen all of these movies! Thank you for making me smile this morning 🙂

  23. Jessica S.

    Definitely the Labyrinth!! Oh man, I grew up loving that movie and David Bowie!!

    I also enjoyed the Neverending Story, The Last Unicorn, and Willow, but the Labyrinth definitely takes the cake!

  24. Natasha

    I’ve seen Highlander and the Neverending Story. Thanks for the chance to win!

  25. Dani

    Willow was my favorite movie as a kid. Love Warwick Davis! I loved Neverending Story 2-mostly b/c the kid actor was a crush, but I digress….

    I just watched Labryinth the other day, and aside from the kind of creep factor, it’s got a lot of humor I never would have gotten when I was younger. The worm was my favorite though, “Did you say Hello?”, “No but that’s close enough”

    Legend still gives me nightmares. Tim Curry’s voice has always freaked me out, but in Legend it was petrifying (and in It). Plus an uber young Tom Cruise being the sword wielding hero….nope can’t picture it!

    Dark Crystal is also one of my keepers.

    The Witches is one of my faves as well. I loved the Dahl book and the movie was amazing. The amazing scenery, that great creepy theme music in the beginning and the amazing prosthetics that Huston wore in her “revelation” scene. Wow.

  26. Dani

    I would love to see Nalini Singh’s psy/changeling world or her angel world.

  27. Anna Williamson

    I agree 100% with your list. I can’t think of one single movie to change. 🙂 Now I wanna go watch some old movies!!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  28. Hope

    I’ve seen all of them except for Ladyhawk. I think I’ll have to look for that one and watch. My favourite would he the neverending story and Labyrinth. I think now I want to rewatch all of these.

  29. Peggy

    I love those movies . I haven’t seen them in years . Labyrinth is my daughters favorite so I have seen that one the most . .

  30. Vidisha singh

    hard to choose just one but i guess i will go with Seraphina’s world

  31. Laurie P

    I agree with most of your choices but I have a few I’d like to add. The Dark Crystal, Beastmaster and mostly Fraggle Rock.

  32. JenM

    Would you believe I’ve never seen any of these? That’s kind of scary. I think I need a fantasy movie marathon sometime soon.

  33. Kelsey d

    I’ve seen them all but Lady Hawk, The Last Unicorn and and Legend :$

  34. Kai W.

    I have seen all of those movies. The one I’m waiting for is The Immortal by Julie Kagawa. The movie for the Immortal is underway.

  35. wanda flanagan

    Ive seen Legend,Highlander,Conan and Never Ending Story many many many times .I love those movies .

  36. Barbara Elness

    Ladyhawke is one of my favorites, it was such a great romantic story. I’ve seen most of the movies on the list and loved them. I’d add The Princess Bride to the list.

  37. Ron Pratt

    I’ve seen them all!
    Not sure Terminator counts as a “fantasy” film.
    How about adding Class/Wrath of the Titans or Percy Jackson and Lightening Theif?

  38. Traci Lecheler

    I have seen all but the last unicorn movie. I loved The Labyrinth! For 2 weeks I got up early everyday to watch it before school!

  39. Audra Holtwick

    Seen them all and loved every last one of them– Highlander was my Fave

  40. Lexi

    Be still my heart, Duncan is the only one..there can be only one.
    Legend was also an excellent one, and I am with you on there being something dark and irresistible to the red demon. =)
    This was an awesome post! Brought back some good memories!

  41. justpeachy36

    I have seen most of these movies, including Willow, The Neverending Story, and The Last Unicorn. All of them are Excellent, but Highlander is probably my favorite.

  42. Viari Rose

    I’ve seen all of them, though my favorite would have to be The Neverending Story. I’d add The Princess Bride to the list.

  43. Pam Roberts

    Have you been reading my journal? I love all these movies.

  44. Betty Hamilton

    I love your list. It contain many of my favorites. I also love the Princess Bride and The Lost Boys.

  45. Cherry Mischievous

    Q: Which of these movies have you seen or can you add one to the list?

    A: I’ve seen them all a long time ago except the Little Whobbit and The Last Unicorn… does that make me oooolld?

  46. Bridgett

    I’ve seen all of the movies you posted! My favorite on this list is Willow!! I have to add E.T. to the list since I watched it all of the time growing up and my kids love it too.

  47. Bruce Brady

    I’ve seen all of them and they are among my favorites. Gee, can you tell I like fantasy?

  48. Tammy Hall

    I have seen them all and loved all of them as well. I also thought of Dark Crystal and Stardust. I enjoyed these two as well. I love fantasy/sci-fi. I own most of these movies!

  49. Lori Fenn

    I absolutely LOVE the Highlander movies. My 19 year old niece was telling me about a NEW movie that was coming out with Ryan Reynolds and when she told me what it was i laughed so hard. Needless to say she didn’t understand why I was laughing, and I had to explain to her that it was not new but a remake. I’m with you I will see it because I love Ryan Reynolds but I know I will be talking back to the screen, saying stuff like “Oh that’s not right, in the original they did it this way, I don’t even know who that is suppose to be” and I know my niece will be looking at me like I’m nuts.. lol

  50. Michelle McMichael

    I would add The Princess Bride.I was so happy to see Willow on the list, I loved that movie too and I was a big Neverending Story fan, Labrynth too. One of my other favourites was Flight of the Navigator 🙂

  51. kah_cherub

    I’m a big Highlander and the Terminator fan, too, but I really prefer the new version of Conan. LOL.

  52. alicia marie

    I’ve only seen The Last Unicorn and The Neverending Story out of all of those. I would have to add The Princess Bride to that list : )

  53. Ren

    I looking forward to watch The Hobbit! The Peter Jackson version of course =)

  54. HollyB

    We are obviously around the same age, Erin! I have seen, over and over, The Neverending Story, Legend, Willow, Labyrinth, Ladyhawke, and – a zillion times! – Highlander!! (I am soooo in awe that you have such an awesome inscription on your wedding ring – your husband must think you are the coolest wife in the world!!) Other favorites, also watched *many* times, included Beastmaster, Flash Gordon, Clash of the Titans, and a huge favorite, The Princess Bride. Wow, this is all making me so nostalgic for those good ol’ days!! 🙂

  55. Ileana A.

    I’ve only seen Terminator!! But my dad is a huge fan of Arnold and Tom Cruise!