Review: Wicked Nights by Gena Showalter

June 27, 2012 Review 0

Wicked Nights (Angels of the Dark, #1)

Wicked Nights

(Angels of the Dark, #1)
by Gena Showalter

Genre: Paranormal Romance | Excerpt: Yes
Reviewed by: Julia | Source: Publisher

  • Mass Market Paperback: 416 pages
  • Publisher: Harlequin HQN; June 26, 2012
  • ISBN-10: 0373776985
  • ISBN-13: 978-0373776986


Good – A fun read with minor flaws. Maybe read an excerpt before buying.


Sexual Content

References to rape, sex scenes.


From the New York Times bestselling author who brought you the Lords of the Underworld comes a dark, seductive new series featuring angels poised on the brink of destruction….

Leader of the most powerful army in the heavens, Zacharel has been deemed nearly too dangerous, too ruthless-and if he isn’t careful, he’ll lose his wings. But this warrior with a heart of ice will not be deterred from his missions, at any cost…until a vulnerable human tempts him with a carnal pleasure he’s never known before.

Accused of a crime she did not commit, Annabelle Miller has spent four years in an institution for the criminally insane. Demons track her every move, and their king will stop at nothing to have her. Zacharel is her only hope for survival, but is the brutal angel with a touch as hot as hell her salvation-or her ultimate damnation?

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With just the right mix of humor, chemistry, and mayhem, WICKED NIGHTS kicks off a series that promises any number of Happily-Ever-Afters still to come.  Though several familiar faces appear, this new playing field was accessible and well paced, meaning readers new to Showalter’s worlds can jump in without a problem.

And it is the world that dominated my interest in this story.  Angels and demons, magical clouds and celestial wars, Showalter’s world is complex without tipping over into chaos.  The leading couple both had their strengths, but neither one won my full attention.  A cold angel with snow falling from his wings, Zacharel is the prototypical Alpha hero with a novel twist, he’s untouched by either lust or love.  Annabelle channels Buffy-esque badassery as she kicks demonic butt, even when heavily sedated in a mental institution.  Showalter did a good job of tempering artificial relationship roadblocks with meaningful discussion, but neither character really defined themselves for me beyond their past traumas or present passions.  Though I’ll be interested to read more of the Angels of the Dark series, I doubt I’ll have any reason to remember Annabelle and Zacharel in particular.

Of course, the beauty of the romance genre is that there’s always another Happily-Ever-After on the horizon.  WICKED NIGHTS is particularly well paced, with a satisfying adventure, a few novel character twists, and a celestial mythology that promises fertile ground for future passion and conflict.  These virtues ultimately outweighed a charming if forgettable leading couple.  For a romantic adventure with an angelic twist, WICKED NIGHTS delivers.

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