No posts on Sun while we finish/fix the transfer & an update

June 2, 2012 News 1

Just an FYI that our scheduled posts for Sunday and Monday will be moved to later this week while we address the import problems that we’re having.  All Things Urban Fantasy is a very big site with 3 years worth of posts and comments.  When I tried to do the import it only worked for a fraction of the posts and content.   I couldn’t figure out the problem.

Not actually me, but Kristen Bell's Sloth meltdown and my WP freakout look the same

After scouring the web for help, the lovely Carolyn from Book City Chick (who also just switched to WP) reminded me that Emily The Blog Fairy started a design site (Emily White Design) that handles blog migration. I sent out an email explaining my problem and almost immediately got a response from one of the designers who works with Emily: Jeni aka The Blog Maven

Jeni was exactly what I was hoping to find. I gave her the basic info about my site, she took a look and offered to help me right away.

According to Jeni:

“The native blogger importer only handles files up to 15MB, and is 5x that big.  I’ll have to do some special coding and break site up into several smaller, bite-sized chunks.”

I’m so grateful that Jeni is going to be able to help us, but it is going to take a little time to fix everything, so we’re going to revert the RSS feed to the old site until Monday afternoon/evening (depending on how things go) in order to avoid flooding everyone’s feeds with old posts.  Also, the reviews we had scheduled for tomorrow and Monday are going to get pushed back to later next week.

If you are thinking about switching to WP, but you have a big site like this one, you definitely need to seek professional help.  I followed all the right steps, but this size problem was unavoidable.  Save yourself the freakout that I had and talk to Jeni first.  Her rates are better than any of the other sites I looked at (plus she has been unbelievably accommodating and super friendly).  If all goes well, I’ll get to sing more of Jeni’s praises on Monday night or Tuesday.

Everything should still be accessible during the rest of the weekend including comments, there just won’t be new posts.  I’ll still be pinning new covers on Pinterest and tweeting in the meantime.

One Response to “No posts on Sun while we finish/fix the transfer & an update”

  1. Mariya @ Mystifying Paranormal Reviews

    I noticed that too. I had been blogging only a year about and so that’s 600 something posts and when I transferred over not all my posts transferred over. LIke 10-20 didn’t and I went with a positive attitude saying at least it was 100-200+ posts. They were easy to find and re-post which is what I did. I just wish that they transferred over b/c they had great conversations on some of the reviews. 🙂