Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…We’re Moving to WordPress

May 2, 2012 News 21

After nearly three years with Blogger, we’re finally going to make the move to WordPress.  We’ve been frustrated for a long time with some of the limitations and lack of features that Blogger has.  Yes, it was great they they finally added threaded comments, but permalinks are still a glaring omission. Yes, Blogger is easy to use and relatively simple, but it lacks virtually endless customization potential and drool worthy plugins that WordPress boasts .  But we’ve gotten along fine for the past three years without all those bells and whistles, so why are we moving now?

Because for going on three weeks now the scheduling feature has been broken for countless bloggers and Blogger has yet to even acknowledge it as a known issue. The forums have been flooded with reports, pleas, and bewilderment by Blogger’s complete disregard of this problem and we have had enough. 

Everyday this problem persists we are loosing traffic.  We understand.  Consistency is a huge part of blogging and it’s driving us nuts to see our “scheduled” posts just lying in our Dashboard each day instead of automatically posting like they are supposed to.  And we apologize to our readers and to the authors, publicists, and publishers who have had late posts.  We thought we were making mistakes at first.  Accidentally scheduling posts for PM instead of AM, but it quickly became apparent that we weren’t the problem, Blogger was. And since Blogger has done all of NOTHING to fix this issue, we’re packing our bags. *UPDATE* Blogger has finally rolled out a fix.  Let’s hope it works.

We’ve talked about moving to WordPress someday down the road (and been teasingly bullied by other blogger friends to ‘drink the kool aid’ and come on over to WordPress for ages now), we didn’t anticipate doing it this soon (especially not since we got our lovely new design), but we’re simply not willing to put up with this problem any more. Honestly, if I had it to do over again, I would have started with WordPress to begin with.

We’re just now entering into the research stage of the move which means we’re looking at various web hosts, blog designers, and reading tons of tutorials.  It’s a lot to consider and since we know so many of you are bloggers who’ve made this move before, we’d love any advice, tips, resources that you could share. 

  • Did you do the transfer yourself or hire someone?
  • Were you able to keep your Blogger theme, rework it, or did you have to get a whole new design?
  • If you went with a new design, is there a designer you recommend?
  • And pitfalls you can warn us about?
  • Any must have plug-ins we should know about?
  • Any advice, concerns, or thoughts you want to share?


We want to assure all of our readers that we aren’t going to make this change hastily.  We are going to do our due diligence to make sure we don’t loose any of you and that our content remains consistent and accessible.  We value you too much to rush this.  If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to comment or contact us directly.  Thank you so much for bearing with us during all this.

21 Responses to “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes…We’re Moving to WordPress”

  1. A Jane of All Reads

    Rachel at Parajunkee's View has an excellent How-to on moving to Blogger. It was relatively painless.

    I use Godaddy for hosting. It's cheap and easy and their tech support is amazing. There isn't anything they can't either walk you through or just do for you.

    For 40 bucks I joined They have a bunch of layouts that are easy to customize. The code for WordPress is tricky at first but it will start to make sense to you in time.

    The only trouble I had was transferring my feed with Feedburner and I don't know who to tell you to talk about that. I'm sure someone knows.

    I'm glad I moved, you have sooooo many more options with WordPress. Plus there's the security that comes with owning your site and not having it be dependent on Google.

  2. kate

    Now your making me think of "moving" to word press as a "back up" for my reviews…. or I could make another tumblr…. hmmm… tempting…. anyway my comment was just to say will I still know when you post something new?

    Er… I mean will wordpress stuff show up on my blogger dashbord? (thats how I keep up with who I fallow with blogging after all)

  3. Abigail

    We will automatically redirect clicks, email subscribers, and RSS feed reader. And of course we'll keep all of you updated on the transfer when it happens (we're just starting the process). In the meantime, everything will stay here as usual.

  4. Kristin

    I've been "researching" since March, myself 😀 I concur on GoDaddy, I've had a hosting account with them for years for something else and I'm currently in the process of transferring my domain from Enom to them.

    I'm nervous about my Feedburner, b/c that thing is entirely messed up I want to just start over and ask everyone to re-sign up (yikes). I saw someone else do that (Nina Reads) but I'm not sure how far she's gotten with getting them back.

    There is a whole group of girls I follow who all have WordPress and they do weekly recaps and part of the recap are WordPress help. On a Book Bender is one of them, Smash Attacks is another. Felicia the Geeky Blogger just switched to WP. Blogging with Amy has a great article for getting background on the process (I can't verify how reputable she is but her comments section say she might know what she's talking about).

    And Parajunkee is a given…
    Good luck!!
    -Kristin @myparahangover

  5. Abigail

    We got a really good recommendation for Gatorhost, so that's who we've picked to host. I know Feedburner may prove tricky, but we've found some good info that should make it as pain free as possible.

    And thanks so much for the links. We'll definitely check them out 🙂

  6. Mariya

    Yah! So glad you're moving over to WP. I just moved over a week ago. Blogger was pissing me off so I broke up with them. LOL

    I'm still figuring everything out in WP, but I am liking it better. Lots more freedom!

    PJV's tutorial to transfer over was very helpful just to let you know. 🙂

  7. kate

    -Claps- yay thats good I just made a back up blog for myself on tumblr d^__^b

  8. Amanda @ On a Book Bender

    I can't make any suggestions for hosting, but as far as actually making the move, I would highly suggest using Cialina of Muggle Born. She has her own business here: Paper Wings Design Studio. She's helped four bloggers that I know personally make the move from Blogger to WordPress in addition to designing my site and moving me from to, and I very highly recommend her.

    The following blogs have gone from Blogger to WP with Cialina:

    Smash Attack Reads!
    Gone with the Words
    Logan E Turner
    The Grammarian's Reviews

  9. [email protected] Book Reviews

    Oh, I'm actually jealous! I've been thinking of moving to WP for quite sometime already. I even have the blog created already, but everything is so different it scares me off so far. Of course it's a question of how much more I can cope with Blogger total disregard of people's problems and stupid decisions which make bloggers life so much worse?
    I'll be looking forward to any experience on the move you'll be willing to share. Good luck!

  10. Carmel @ Rabid Reads

    I completely understand where you're coming from. The broken auto-scheduler has been really pissing me off as well. Best of luck with the transition!

  11. Abigail

    It sounds like you've already done the hard part 🙂 Let us know if you take the plunge.

  12. Abigail

    Was it broken for you too? It was so frustrating. I really can't wait to leave Blogger behind.

  13. MD

    I don't use WordPress myself, but my office-mate uses it to maintain several of web sites (we are programmers). We were talking about it a while back, and he said that having a lot of plug-ins is both a blessing and a curse. Putting them in can make your site better, but it can also become a nightmare, for two reasons. First, sometimes if you have multiple plugins they interact in unexpected ways and stop working. Second, when you upgrade the main WP software (which you should do often, for security reasons), there is often some plugin or other which has not been upgraded yet and does not want to work with the latest version.

    The moral of this is, take it slowly and think twice about how many plugins you actually need, because the more you add, the messier it is likely to become in a long term.

  14. KittNLuv

    When we moved to WordPress, I found the most difficult thing was not losing any posts. PJ has a great tutorial, like the other ladies say, but I tried her step for Import/Export and it doesn't go well with large files. It was MUCH easier to use this:
    Also, when it was done, I didn't have to go back and 'clean up' all our old posts.

  15. Abigail

    I know I'll have to keep myself in check with plugins. My tendency is to go overboard. Good tip!