Top 10 List: Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe’s Pick Up Lines You Might Hear from an Immortal & win DATING THE UNDEAD

February 11, 2012 Guests 31

The most romantic day of the year is right around the corner, so this year, we’ve invited two supernatural storytellers to help us all celebrate Paranormal Valentine’s Day.  Gena Showalter and Jill Monroe have teamed up to create the perfect read for the holiday: DATING THE UNDEAD (available now from Harlequin).  “This unique guide to dating the undead is formatted just like your favorite magazine… with a paranormal edge. “Dating the Undead” includes tips for dating an immortal, beauty secrets to look eternally fresh, fun quizzes, recipes (including some killer cocktails), tons of photos, and plenty of other fun (and sometimes humorous) articles. The magazine also features ghoulish ads for brands like Coffin Klein, Vladimir’s Secret, G’Oréal, Rot Pockets, Jimmy Chew, Got Bludd?, and many others. Haven’t heard of these brands? Maybe your undead friends have.” Julia’s review is coming soon (she emailed me the day she got it to gloat about how ‘fabulous’ it was), but we’ve got a little taste for you in the form of the Top 10 Pick Up Lines You Might Hear from an Immortal & a chance to win DATING THE UNDEAD.


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Top 10 Pick Up Lines You Might Hear from an Immortal


Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe

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  1. Is It Hot In This Dungeon Or Is It You?
  2. The Moon Isn’t Full Tonight, But I Bet I Can Make You Howl
  3. I’m Happy Angels Know CPR, Because You Take My Breath Away
  4. Excuse Me Sexy, You’re So Hot I Think You Stole My Fire
  5. Baby, Forget Tonight, Let Me Bite You And We Could Block Out Forever
  6. I Have An Eternity And I’d Love To Spend It With You
  7. I Know I Don’t Have A Chance, But I Just Wanted To Have A Conversation With Another Angel
  8. Do You Taste As Good As You Look?
  9. You’re So Hot When I Look At You I Start To Burn
  10. I’m Not Cold, I Just Need You To Warm Me Up


About the author:

Gena ShowalterGena Showalter is the New York Times and USA TODAY bestselling author of the acclaimed Lords of the Underworld series and more than thirty other books. She can most often be found walking around talking to the hot otherworldly guys in her head. Visit her at


Author Jill MonroeJill Monroe is the award-winning author of more than eight romance novels. She is convinced every person she meets is more than human, and spends most of her nonwriting time trying to figure out if they’re werewolf, vampire, zombie—or, in her husband’s case, demon. Sometimes she updates her website, which is

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They’re Drop-Dead Handsome—and We’re Not Kidding!

Welcome to the first and only magazine devoted to loving the immortal man in all of his furry, feathery, fiery glory. As always, this month’s issue is a forbidden-fruit salad of features, fiction, fashion, and more, including:

  • Blood Stains on His Collar, Doritos in His Bed: Is Your Immortal Just a Little Bit…Immoral?
  • A Kiss is Not Just a Kiss: Immortals We Crave Divulge Their Lip-smacking Turn-ons
  • Off the Set with the Real Vampires of Vegas: Your Favorite AfterLifetime TV Vamps Let Their Hair Down
  • Killer Cocktails to Slay Your Dragon, Slake Your Vampire, or Singe Your Angel

Plus your favorite columns and departments:

  • Ask Gabrielle: Angelic Etiquette for Modern Gals and Ghouls
  • A View from a Guy: Zombie Jack’s Turn
  • Undead and Well-Read: What’s Hot Between the Covers This Month
  • Angel in the Kitchen: Heavenly Dishes That Don’t Take an Eternity to Prepare

There’s even a page-turning, strange-but-true paranormal romance that’ll keep you up all day! Don’t get caught UNDEAD without it!


Read an excerpt|Review coming soon!

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31 Responses to “Top 10 List: Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe’s Pick Up Lines You Might Hear from an Immortal & win DATING THE UNDEAD”

  1. Tiffany Mahaffy

    Between what he could show me and what he could teach me it would be awesome. Also what you see would be what ya get, you would have to wonder what he was going to look like when he got older lol. Shallow I know but true!

  2. Susan W.

    You wouldn't have to worry if he knew what he was doing or not! He would have had years to get it right! 😉

  3. Sharon

    um…based on everything I've read…the sex! 😉 come on, everyone is thinking the same thing. thanks!

  4. Julie S

    I see the comments have taken a sexual turn. But what about his mind? He would have seen history in the making! I bet there would be some really amazing stories not printed in books.

  5. erin

    Congrats on the new release! Thanks for the great post and giveaway! I think a benefit for dating an immortal man is that he'd know how to cook! He'd have had enough time to learn. I can't/won't/been banned from cooking so that's one thing I admire in a man.

  6. Dannielle L

    Yup, I've got to go with what everyone else has said. Lots of time to gain very USEFUL knowledge. You know he'll be hot, so knowing he way around the bedroom is a given!

  7. SacredmOOn

    I can count more Pro's with an Immortal man than con's. That's for sure. Thanks for the chance to win!!! I've wanted this sooo bad. DeAnna Schultz

  8. Tammy

    The best thing would be the the fact that I would hope he is well versed in the world, I would be able to have a decent conversation, maybe with someone who actually witnessed some of the history first hand. Of course the ageless thing would be a plus!

  9. Barb P

    I would like to think that stamina and experience would be a big plus! I am also way sure that he could teach me a few things **Grin**. Thanks for the terrific giveaway. I have always loved the banter between Jill & Gena. It's fun to see them do a book together.

  10. June M.

    Well, after living all that time he would have some great stories to share of things he had seen and experienced. And after all that time, he should be mature and know how to treat women.

  11. Kt Clapsadl

    I'd have to say that he would never die, and hopefully could make me immortal with him so we would have an eternity together.

  12. Phoenix Carvelli

    The best part about loving an immortal man? That would be that there would be limited risk of him dying before me! Of course, that gives him the advantage if he is older because he has so much more experience and life lessons learned.

  13. fishgirl182

    i guess the best thing is that they wouldn't die on you. but it's a catch 22 because you would grow old and be so much more vulnerable then them. plus they would probably just be really smart and know a lot from having lived so long.

  14. Na

    I think it would be how safe I feel. He's been through a lot of dangerous experiences and likely knows how to protect me.