Attn Bloggers: Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012 is coming!

February 23, 2012 News 7

Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012


March 7-12th

Are you a book blogger?  It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or a veteran, I can’t tell you how essential the Book Bloggers & Publishers Online Conference is.  This will be my third year attending and already I’m anticipating making more great publishing contacts, learning invaluable insider info, tips, tricks, and ways to become a better blogger, and networking with industry professionals.  And I’m not even talking about all the review copies every person who registers gets for FREE from publishers like Simon and Schuster, Penguin Book Group, Random House, Bloomsbury Publishing, Samhain Publishing, and more!  The cost is $45 dollars and I’m telling you it’s worth every penny. If you’re on the fence or have any questions, leave me a comment.  Otherwise Register now!

We already have some great panelists (see below for a full schedule) lined up including Sue Grimshaw from Random House Romance, Jennifer Bonnell from Penguin YA editing, Lindsey Rudnickas from NetGalley, Kristin Lamb from Wana Consulting, Don Dauria from Samhain Publishing, Kate Lied from Bloomsbury Teen, Ariel Tachna from Dreamspinner Press, Danielle Poiesz from Book Country, to name just a few.

Like previous Conferences, most panels will be recorded live with attendees able to listen in, call in and chat online with other attendees. The recorded panels will be available for approximately one month after the Conference has ended so you can listen again or catch any that you may have missed. A few of the panels will be pre-recorded based upon the availability of the panelists. If there is a specific topic you would like to hear please let us know. Registration is NOW OPEN open. We have free books for all paying attendees generously donated by different publishers. In addition, we are giving away a group of books to one blogger who posts about the Conference, you can read the details on how to enter

*All Panels are Subject to Change


Panels – Opening Day

Where do Books Come From: Review Copy Distribution – Netgalley – Goodreads – Publisher Blogs:, Romance at Random, USA Today Book Blog – Review Guidelines: Don’t be Overwhelmed


Panels – Working with Authors

Approaching Authors – The Creative Process for Authors and Bloggers – What Authors look for in Reviews – Publishing: The Options Authors Have Now – Should Authors Review?

Genre Discussions: Category Romance – GLBT – Inspirational – More TBA


Panels – Industry Day

What PR Departments do – Working with Private PR Companies – Blogging’s Role in “Traditional” Media – Building a Relationship with Publishers – Obligation to Publishers: What are the Expectations?


Panels – Young Adult Focus – Online Safety – Keeping Social Media Social – Review Guidelines: Defining Your Blog

Negative Reviews: Fallout and Fears – Finding Independent Presses and Mis-use of the Term – To Review or Not to Review Self-Pub

What Bloggers Want: Don’t make Publishers Read Our Minds – Book Blogging as a Business?


Panels – Time Management – Online Organization Specialist – Writers Block: Creativity Coach

Covers: How Important are They? – Graphic Novels: Reading and Reviewing – Meet Your Local Book Store – Blogger Manifesto 2012

What are you waiting for?  Register today!

7 Responses to “Attn Bloggers: Book Bloggers and Publishers Online Conference 2012 is coming!”

  1. Bibliotropic

    I'd love to be able to register for this. But that $45 is a little out of my price range at the moment, since I'm not currently working. Shame, because it looks like there'd be a lot I could learn from the conference.

  2. Terry Kate

    Hellp all,

    First off thanks for the post! I can not wait to hear all of the panels that you will be on… 🙂

    Canadians WELCOME. Trust me the contacts are all still good, but one of the bloggers involved is Sugarbeat's Books, who is up in Canada so I will send her over to answer that one more.

    How the Conference works:
    These are recorded conference calls – acting as live audio panels with a simultaneous chat room. You can put any questions you have for attendees/panelists in the chat and they are fed live into the discussion. On some panels there is also the ability for listeners to join in and add another panel participant.

    Also if there is someone you want to hear from that we have not listed – bloggers or publishers please email me at romanceinthebackseat @

    Thanks so much for your interest!
    Terry Kate

  3. Alexa

    I just registered for this one. There were so many talks that I want to watch and even though many of them are running while I'm at work I love that they keep the videos up for a few weeks so I can watch the ones I missed.

    Thanks for blogging about it because otherwise I would have never known about it.

  4. Barb

    Hi Carmel!
    Not to worry about the shipping. I'm doing the shipping and I can ship quite a bit through the US for the conference. There will be a combination of paperbooks and ebooks. Ebooks don't cost anything to ship. Last year I got a huge box of books for attending conference – well worth it! Email me direct if you want!