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Both Abigail and I are big fans of Erin Kellison’s Shadow series.   Abigail called SHADOW BOUND “a shockingly good read” and SHADOWMAN (available now from Kensington Books) contained one of my favorite couples of the year, Shadowman and Layla (which made it twice as exciting to see a little glimpse of Shadowman in action below, as a part of the Resurrection Mary ghost story). The Shadow series intertwines convincing romance with a continuing plot line that I loved, as our staid human world comes under magical attack.  Though each book could work on it’s own (romantically), you’re going to want to read them all.  One lucky reader will get the chance to, as Erin Kellison is giving away a complete set of the Shadow series: SHADOW BOUND, SHADOW FALL, and SHADOWMAN. See details below.

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Shadowman on “Resurrection Mary”
Erin Kellison

First of all, a huge thank you to Abigail for inviting me to participate in Spooky Legends. I love scary stories and write a bit on the dark side myself. Leave a comment below for a chance to win a set of my Shadow series books, Shadow Bound, Shadow Fall, and Shadowman. Most people, including my character, Shadowman, know the story of Resurrection Mary. In fact, he’s met her…

“Hello, Mary.” Shadowman fell into step beside her. She was walking furiously down Archer Street, her mouth tight, her make-up smeared from where she’d brushed away her tears. Her blonde hair was in bouncy curls at her shoulders.

“He’ll come after me,” Mary said, looking over her shoulder and back in time. Her white dress blurred with her passage. She hadn’t even felt the car that had struck her and ripped her spirit from her flesh. Her soul had simply gone on walking.

Shadowman had been this way with her many times before. She was looking for her escort to the dance, a man who would never run after her because he’d long ago passed through the veil.

“He said he loved me.”

“Why do you walk away, then?” But nothing he said would make her change her course, and in so doing, realize that she was dead. “Love is behind you.”

“Because he talked to her,” she said. Her voice trembled. “You don’t go to a dance with one girl, then flirt with another.”

And so Death kept pace with her. Not even he could force all souls to cross. Some were too lost in the moment of their deaths to see the arching branches of Twilight and step under their boughs and out of mortality. They were committed to a moment, their will chaining them to one space in time until they could be satisfied.

Or until Mary’s soul grew so insubstantial with the shear of the passing decades that there was nothing left.

Headlights glared down the road.

She turned and waved to the car, the white of her dress glowing in the murk of the night.

Sometimes she did this, too. Long ago, when the speeding car had killed her, it had also struck itself into her mind—she just hadn’t understood why.

Shadowman shrouded himself in darkness.

The car slowed and came to a stop. A man well past midlife, but not yet bowing into old age, sat at the wheel. “You okay?” He squinted to get a better look at her. Death knew what he saw: A very young woman, shivering with cold. Unhappy. Vulnerable. “It’s dangerous for you to be out here.”

“My date dumped me,” she explained. “I just want to go home.”

“You better get on in. I’ll drive you home.”

Death could feel the driver’s compassion and concern knot together with displaced anger at the boy who’d been rude so long ago.

Mary got in the back seat of the car. Death accompanied her, as he always did. She directed the driver down the street.

The driver flicked glances in his rearview, his concern and outrage transmuting into disquiet, as if he knew now exactly where he was going. He’d heard her story, and Resurrection Cemetery was just ahead.

Without asking, at the tall white slabs that marked the cemetery’s entrance, he pulled to a stop, his apple working. “You get home now.”

“Thank you,” Mary said, and she got out of the car. A few steps, and the night swallowed her.

The driver raised his eyes to his rearview again, where Death still waited. His knuckles were white on the steering wheel. “Where can I drop you?”

The Grim Reaper smiled respect for the man’s nerve, then drew his cloak of Shadow round, and disappeared from his sight.


About the author:

Erin Kellison

Erin Kellison is the author of the Shadow Series, which includes Shadow Bound and Shadow Fall, as well as the upcoming Shadowman (Sept 2011), and the e-novella Shadow Touch (June 2011). Stories have always been a central part of Erin’s life. She attempted her first book in sixth grade, a dark fantasy adventure, and she still has those early hand-written chapters. She graduated summa cum laude with a degree in English Language and Literature and went on for a masters in Cultural Anthropology, focusing on oral storytelling. When she had children, nothing scared her anymore, so her focus shifted to writing fiction.

Visit Erin Kellison online:

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One set of the Shadow books:

 Shadow Fall (Shadow, #2) Shadowman (Shadow #3)

SHADOWMAN Description:


They haunt the halls of the Segue Institute, terrifying the living, refusing to cross over. But one soul is driven by a very different force.


It survives even death. And Kathleen O’Brien swore she would return to those she was forced to leave too soon.


He broke every rule to have her in life; now he will defy the angels to find her in death.

The Gate

Forging it is his single hope of being reunited with his beloved, but through it an abomination enters the world. Leaving a trail of blood and violence, the devil hunts her too. Pursued through realms of bright fantasy and dark reality, Kathleen is about to be taken…

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