Review: A Vampire For Christmas by Caridad Piñeiro, Laurie London,Michele Hauf, Alexis Morgan

October 24, 2011 Review 1

 Review: A Vampire For Christmas by Caridad Piñeiro, Laurie London,Michele Hauf, Alexis MorganA Vampire For Christmas by Anthology
Series: Sweetblood #2.5
on October 18, 2011
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Fantasy, Paranormal Romance, Romantic, Urban
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Sexual Content: See each review.
Reviewed by: Abigail
3 Stars

“Enchanted By Blood” by Laurie London (Sweetblood #2.5)
After being a little disappointed with the last Sweetblood novella story I read, I was really hoping for a novella that captured the same super sexy and dangerous feel of the full length novels.  And that’s what I got.  The story here manages to incorporate the depth of a long term relationship while still letting readers experience the thrill of a new couple meeting for the first time.  Even though vampire Trance and human Charlotte had relationship prior to the start of this story, Charlotte doesn’t remember it because of a mind wipe.  It’s kind of the best of both worlds.  Trance already loves and cherishes Char when they ‘first’ meet, but he has to win Char without ever revealing that.  So, yes to the super sexy dangerous plot (courtesy of some nasty psycho vamps), but also yes to the tender love story too.

Sexual Content: A couple graphic sex scenes Rating: 4/5

"Monsters Don't Do Christmas" by Michelle Hauf
This story is the most Christmas-y of the anthology.  It’s a very unusual story, but that’s part of why I ended up liking it.  Human Olivia rescues vampire Daniel from an attack by werewolves (she things it’s muggers), but when she learns what he is, she asks for a kiss as a reward.  What follows is a romance that never goes the way you would expect, but ends up exactly where you want.  They each see themselves as monsters for different reasons and together find their souls again.  I think it might have worked better as a full length novel, but even at this length, the result is oddly beautiful.

Sexual Content: A couple graphic sex scenes Rating: 3/5

“When Herald Angels Sing” by Caridad Piñeiro

By far my least favorite story in the anthology.  Plot holes, thin story, unlikeable and foolish characters are just a few of the problems I had in this story about a vampire forced to revisit the high and low points of his life by the woman he loves who is secretly an angel.  She dies and is reborn several times throughout the course of his life, yet he is shocked to discover she isn’t human…she meanwhile is basically raped by him in a public bar and then tossed to the ground when he’s done and yet she feels bad for him when he has to relive the experience!  I was completely done with caring about either of them at that point, but struggled through the rest of the story which amounted to one long repetitive sex scene after another.   Seriously awful.

Sexual Content: Several long, graphic sex scenes including one that could be perceived as rape Rating: 1/5

“All I Want for Christmas” by Alexis Morgan Excerpt

This was the most charming story in the anthology, it really could end up being a Hallmark Christmas movie. The story is about a diner owner who is selflessly devoted to her quirky regulars and is quick to welcome a reticent new loner who shows up just before the holidays.  Several cute scenes follow including the pair hanging lights together and getting caught under the mistletoe.  But romance is never easy for the loner who has to hide the fact that he’s a vampire cop sent to spy on the busboy who may be involved in blood selling.  The dialogue had a tendency to drift into saccharine territory, especially the too schmaltzy ending, but overall it was a sweet and heartwarming story.

Sexual Content: A graphic sex scene Rating: 3/5

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  1. shah wharton

    Mmm. I had considered getting this. I love vamps but also love Christmas so I thought it'd be a nice read over the festivities. Not sure now. I do find it difficult to read anthologies for this reason. It's like they purposely stick a few crud ones in there to annoy you. Same as albums. You love them all but two or three songs and they spoil it for you. (Although now we can just remove them from the mp3 :D)

    Shah .X