Review: Haunting Embrace by Erin Quinn

October 8, 2011 Review 0

Review: Haunting Embrace by Erin QuinnHaunting Embrace by Erin Quinn
Series: Mists of Ireland #4
on October 4th 2011
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Paranormal Romance, Romantic
Format: Paperback
Pages: 384
Sexual Content: A couple of sex scenes.
Reviewed by: Abigail
2 Stars

New in the breathtaking series of sorcery, Irish lore, time travel, and exquisite romance.


Within Meaghan Ballagh surges the blood of an ancient sorceress whose long ago love for the druid Áedán ended in treachery—a fate that ensnares Meaghan herself when she is thrust into the past. She can feel the desire between the sorceress and the handsome druid rise inside her. To ensure her survival, she must piece together the history of the woman who haunts her and the man who needs her.


Áedán recognizes Meaghan. He always will. For the spirit of his one true love—and immortal enemy—is in her. A woman for whom Áedán once risked everything he ever had only to be repaid with betrayal and eternal damnation. This time, he’s not going to let Meaghan escape—because together they have the power to change their destiny.

As the passion between them grows, so do their fears of arousing an ancient, haunted, and forbidden love, and for changing a past that could irrevocably destroy the future.

The Irish countryside, a time-traveling heroine, an epic romance…These are the kind of elements that usually thrill me, especially since Diana Gabaldon only writes one Outlander book every two years.   So you can imagine my excitement when I picked up HAUNTED EMBRACE by Erin Quinn, the latest book in her Mists of Ireland series which combined all those elements with an added supernatural twist involving ghosts and magic.

I was immediately struck by the very vivid and expressive writing style.  I felt very much as if I were on the Irish island of Fennore while reading HAUNTING EMBRACE.  The 1950’s time period came across less clearly and could have easily taken place in the 1750’s without many changes.  There was also a very intriguing side plot and romance that was just as strong—if not more so—than the romance between time-traveler Meaghan and The Druid Áedán.

I wanted to enjoy HAUNTED EMBRACE more than I did, but there were several reasons why I didn’t.  Jumping in mid series will almost always cause some disorientation, but I thought that would be minimal considering that all the Mists of Ireland books focus on a different couple each time.  Well, I was wrong.  There was a HUGE set up for this book that took place in previous installments and was never fully rehashed for new readers in this book.  I was left feeling confused and frustrated as a result.  The fact that Áedán and Meaghan had this intricate past together that I missed didn’t help the rushed romance I felt between them.  The extensive suspense plot required them each to spend a lot of time apart dealing with other characters, so the sudden bond that sprang up between them lacked any real depth.  Even the romantic scenes failed to ignite for me since every single time they kissed I was treated to another description of ‘velvety tongues’.  And I mean every single kiss.

Overall, there are some beautifully written passages in HAUNTED EMBRACE, and I do love a good time-travel romance, but this one left me feeling rather cold in a way that had nothing to do with the frigid Irish coast.  If you want to give this series a try, you’ll definitely need to start at the beginning.  Hopefully, my issues with the rushed romance and confusing backstory will be better developed and explained in earlier books.

Series Titles:
  1. Haunting Beauty
  2. Haunting Warrior
  3. Haunting Desire

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