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September 30, 2011 Spooky Legends 11

Spooky Legends Starts Tomorrow!

Spooky Legends 2 Large

This post will be updated daily throughout the Spooky Legends event with links to the posts below. Giveaways are subject to change so read each post carefully before entering.  Check the announcement post for full details, covers, and author links for the Spooky Legends 2011 event.

INT: International   TBD: To Be Determined

Date Site Author Title Urban Legend Giveaway
10/1/2011 ATUF Estep, Jennifer Spider’s Revenge The Hook on the Door 1 copy, US only
10/1/2011 DFT Humphreys, Sara Taney Unleashed Candyman 2 copies, US & CAN only
10/2/2011 ATUF Treanor, Marie Blood Eternal The Vampire with Iron Teeth 1 copy, US only
10/2/2011 DFT Turner, Joan Frances Frail The Hanging Tree 1 copy, US only
10/3/2011 ATUF Metz, Melinda & Burns, Laura J. Sacrifice Chupacabra 2 copies, US only
10/3/2011 DFT Petrucha, Stefan Dead Mann Walking Hanging Munchkin in the Wizard of Oz 1 copy, INT
10/4/2011 ATUF Scott, Inara Radiant Desire Black Ladies One e-copy, INT
10/4/2011 DFT Cody, Christine In Blood We Trust Humans Can Lick, Too 1st 2 Bloodlands books, US/CA only
10/5/2011 ATUF Day, Sylvia A Touch of Crimson Black Agnes 1st 3 Marked books, & a tote bag from the RT Convention (stuffed as it was for convention attendees), US only
10/5/2011 DFT Eden, Cynthia Angel of Darkness Loup Garou 1 copy
10/6/2011 ATUF Connor, Ellen Midnight Bloody Mary N/A
10/6/2011 DFT Harrison, Thea Serpent’s Kiss Character Interview 1 copy of Storm’s Heart
10/7/2011 ATUF Shinn, Sharon Angels of Darkness Elvis/JFK sightings N/A
10/7/2011 DFT Brennan, Allison Entangled Anthology 1 copy of Original Sin & Carnal Sin
10/8/2011 ATUF Scott, MJ Shadow Kin Hound of Baskerville/Black dog 1 copy, INT
10/8/2011 DFT Harrison, Mette Ivie Tris and Izzie Buggy Burrito N/A
10/9/2011 ATUF Armentrout, Jennifer L. Half-Blood Killer in the Backseat N/A
10/9/2011 DFT Dark, Juliet The Demon Lover Our Lady of the Tunnels 1 copy, US only
10/10/2011 ATUF DePaul, Virna Chosen by Fate Kentucky Fried What? 1 copy & swag, INT
10/10/2011 DFT Hastings, Regan Visions of Skyfire The President’s Curse 1 copy, US only
10/11/2011 ATUF Hunter, CC Awake at Dawn Hey, Where’d She Go? 2 copies & swag
10/11/2011 DFT MacAlister, Katie Much Ado About Vampires Cheval Bayard (water horse) in Normandy, France 1 copy, US only
10/12/2011 ATUF Wolff, Veronica Isle of Night Graveyard Eyes 2 copies, US only
10/12/2011 DFT Benulis, Sabrina Archon: The Books of Raziel Jersey Devil 1 copy, US only
10/13/2011 ATUF Nassise, Joseph Eyes to See Wandering Bus 1 copy & ebook copies of the 3 Templar Chronicles books, US only
10/13/2011 DFT Killough-Walden, Heather Avenger’s Angel Angel in the elevator 1 signed copy & 10 copies US only
10/14/2011 ATUF Poitevin, Linda Sins of the Angels Mall Warnings: Flat tire N/A
10/14/2011 DFT Cucarro, Paige Hellsbane Sri Lankan Grease Devil N/A
10/15/2011 ATUF Jamieson, Trent The Business of Death Drop Bears 1 copy, INT
10/15/2011 DFT Duvall, Karen Knight’s Curse What’s It Like in Heaven? 1 copy, US only
10/16/2011 ATUF Holzner, Nancy Bloodstone Halloween massacre prediction Any signed Deadtown book, INT
10/16/2011 DFT Darnell, Melissa Crave Monster black cats in Texas 1 copy, US only
10/17/2011 ATUF Smith-Ready, Jeri Enthralled: Paranormal Diversions Loch Ness Monster 1 signed copy & SHADE swag pack, INT
10/17/2011 DFT Neill, Chloe Drink Deep Ghost Puppies 1 copy, US only
10/18/2011 ATUF Davidson, MaryJanice Wolf at the Door ABC-TV Owners want you dead 2 copies, US only
10/18/2011 DFT Katsu, Alma The Taker The Baby Bridge N/A
10/19/2011 ATUF Kellison, Erin Shadowman Resurrection Mary All 3 Shadow books, INT
10/19/2011 DFT Archer, Zoe Devil’s Kiss Doctor Faustus 1 copy, US only
10/20/2011 ATUF London, Laurie A Vampire for Christmas Alien Abduction 1 copy EMBRACED BY BLOOD, INT
10/20/2011 DFT Collins, Nancy A. Left Hand Magic Spider eggs in the egg salad sandwich N/A
10/21/2011 ATUF Williams, Sandy The Shadow Reader Vanishing Hitchhiker 1 copy, US/CA only
10/21/2011 DFT Wilks, Eileen Death Magic Aren’t You Glad You didn’t Turn On the Light? 1 copy, UA/CA only
10/22/2011 ATUF Husk, Shona The Goblin King the Black Shuck 2 copies, US/CA only
10/22/2011 DFT Stevens, Amanda The Restorer Skull Cemetery 1 copy, US/CA only
10/23/2011 ATUF Jayne, Hannah Under Attack Sarah Winchester/The Winchester Mystery House 1 Underworld survivor kit, INT
10/23/2011 DFT Burns, Monica Inferno’s Kiss The Bogeyman 1 copy, US only
10/24/2011 ATUF Meding, Kelly Trance Human Finger in Wendy’s chili N/A
10/24/2011 DFT Lario, Rosalie Blood of the Demon The Kidney Thieves 1 copy MARK OF THE SYLPH, INT
10/25/2011 ATUF Sims, Jessica Beauty Dates the Beast Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board 1 copy, US only
10/25/2011 DFT Derting, Kimberly The Pledge The Visiting Grandmother 1 copy, US only
10/26/2011 ATUF Dolamore, Jaclyn Between the Sea and Sky The Mermaid of Zennor 1 copy & MAGIC UNDER THE GLASS, US only
10/26/2011 DFT Yovanoff, Brenna The Space Between La Llorona 2 copies US only
10/27/2011 ATUF Hamilton, Kersten In the Forests of the Night The Changeling Child 1 pre-order copy
10/27/2011 DFT Hieber, Leanna Renee Darker Still Alligator in the NYC sewer 1 copy, US only
10/28/2011 ATUF Meyers, Theresa The Hunter Skinwalkers 1  copy, US only
10/28/2011 DFT Gideon, Nancy Hunter of Shadows The Reflection 2 copies, US/CA only
10/29/2011 ATUF McEntire, KD Lightbringer Haunted Toys R Us N/A
10/29/2011 DFT Blake, Kendare Anna Dressed In Blood The Midnight Man 1 copy, US only
10/30/2011 ATUF Haines, Jess The Real Werewives of Vampire County Butt Spiders 1 copy, US only
10/30/2011 DFT Bonilla, Amanda Shaedes of Gray Idaho’s Jack the Ripper 1 ARC copy
10/31/2011 ATUF Estep, Jennifer Kiss of Frost Killer Hitchhikers 1 copy, US only
10/31/2011 DFT Griffith , Clay & Susan The Rift Walker Vampires N/A
11/1/2011 DFT Berk, Ari Death Watch Giveaway only 1 ARC copy
11/1/2011 DFT Habel, Lia Dearly, Departed Giveaway only 1 signed copy & swag, posters, bookmarks
11/1/2011 DFT Littlefield, Sophie Unforsaken Giveaway only 2 copies, US & CA
11/1/2011 DFT Mafi, Tahereh Shatter Me Giveaway only 2 copies, US only
11/1/2011 ATUF Sands, Lynsay The Bite Before Christmas Giveaway only 1 signed copy, North America & EU
11/1/2011 ATUF de la Cruz, Melissa Lost in Time Giveaway only 1 signed copy, US/CA only

11 Responses to “Spooky Legends Master List”

  1. erin

    ooooooh…. sooo pretty… all the authors and free stuff…. Can't wait!!!!

    Thanks sooooo much! I know that a lot of hard work went into these and you host several a year! WOW!!! Let me tell ya, I'm a very grateful reader 🙂

  2. Abigail

    Proserpine – I know! Can't wait to give them all away. Plus we're still adding 🙂

    Erin – Thanks so much. It does take some work, but the upside is that readers get to learn about some really amazing new books, which as bloggers, we live for 🙂

  3. Susan

    Speechless.!!!.Abigail…And besides All The Hours you.put in chosing all the Titles…You are Busy with Other Projects.. :).Before I click Post..Thank you for your Vampire Empire Recommend Last Year..Read The GreyFriar…Classic… So Visual.A Must Read . TBR The Rift Walker…

  4. Abigail

    Thanks everyone. Keep enjoying the event!

    Susan – So glad you are love the Vampire Empire series. I can't wait for the audio release so that I can enjoy it again 🙂