Cover Art Coverage: 31 new titles!

June 14, 2011 Cover Art Coverage, Uncategorized 13

Apologies for missing last weeks Cover Art Coverage post.  Julia and I have been busy with traveling and Deadly Destinations preparations and we could not get it done.  We are still in scramble mode so we aren’t able to do the normal post this week either (we will be back next week).  Here are the covers that have been revealed in the past couple weeks.  Clicking on the cover will take you to where we spotted the cover (in most cases the author’s website).  Do you have a favorite/least favorite? 

Kiss of Night247007_215879688446689_117482811619711_668921_1916232_n249701_215879701780021_117482811619711_668923_5066127_nIncarnate book coverDream_Dark_Final51smVxxOY8L252549_10150269685233410_47302558409_9097867_7902922_n11164732260231_10150269121883410_47302558409_9091664_6075660_nAvenger's AngelJuly 19th 2011 by Harlequin          Ashes of Angels (Of Angels and Demons #3) by Michele HaufThe Nightmare GardenBloodrose

13 Responses to “Cover Art Coverage: 31 new titles!”

  1. cait045

    The Kristen Painter covers are so different. Loving them.

  2. Rhianna

    Wow what an amazing bunch. Seriously. I don't like them all but generally a lot of these are beautiful. Thanks for sharing guys!

  3. Book Chick City

    Love: Avenger's Angels (thanks for the link btw), Born of Ashes, Where Demons' Fear to Tread (have a thing for angels at the mo), Flesh & Blood and How To Party With A Killer Vampire (so cute!).

    Dislike: Infamous (I mean, who chose that colour!), Low Town (yawn fest), Eye of the Tempest (just yuck!)

    I love these posts – I'm always adding more books to my ever growing piles…

  4. Danielle

    Those are some nice looking covers, and looks like I may have more books to add to my TRL. My bf is gonna kill me 🙂