Blogger Bully Review: Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge

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blogger bullyOnce a month, Angela from Dark Faerie Tales and I will each bully each other into reading a book we love that the other hasn’t read.  This month, I’m reading STREET MAGIC by Caitlin Kittredge, and I’ve bullied Angela into reading THE GREYFRIAR by Clay & Susan Griffith.

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Street Magic (Black London, #1) Title: Street Magic
Author: Caitlin Kittredge
Series: Black London #1
Cover Art: Chris McGrath
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Excerpt: Yes
Source: Bought
Reviewed by: Abigail

  • Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
  • Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks; Original edition (June 2, 2009)
  • ISBN-10: 031294361X
  • ISBN-13: 978-0312943615
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Sexual Content:
Kissing. Pervasive crude sexual dialogue.


Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & put this author on your watch list.


Her name is Pete Caldecott. She was just sixteen when she met Jack Winter, a gorgeous, larger-than-life  mage who thrilled her with his witchcraft. Then a spirit Jack summoned killed him before Pete’s eyes—or so she thought. Now a detective, Pete is investigating the case of a young girl kidnapped from the streets of London. A tipster’s chilling prediction has led police directly to the child…but when Pete meets the informant, she’s shocked to learn he is none other than Jack. Strung out on heroin, Jack a shadow of his former self.  But he’s able to tell Pete exactly where Bridget’s kidnappers are hiding: in the supernatural shadow-world of the fey.  Even though she’s spent years disavowing the supernatural, Pete follows Jack into the invisible fey underworld, where she hopes to discover the truth about what happened to Bridget—and what happened to Jack on that dark day so long ago…


STREET MAGIC is one of the best series launches I’ve read in a long time.  It really just scrapes the surface of this world and these characters, and yet Wow does it pack a punch.  The writing is tight and specific.  We don’t ever get bogged down with physical descriptions of people and places, but I still know exactly what everyone looks like and I felt very much like I’d visited all the London locations in STREET MAGIC.  The plot is suitably sinister with a supernatural evil that every fiber of your being will long to destroy, but it’s the relationship between Pete and Jack that really sets this book apart.

Jack Winter is a new favorite character for me, and I say character rather than romantic lead because there is very little romantic about him.  He’s a complete train wreck of a person.  The first time Pete sees him after a dozen years, he’s an emaciated heroin junkie who lets fly a string of hyper crude profanity the moment he sees her.  It’s not exactly a meet-cute.  With a handful of vitally important exceptions, Jack stays pretty much at that level of hostile wretchedness throughout the book.  What does change is how we as readers perceive him as we learn more about him.  No matter how many times he falls, Pete refuses to give up on him.  She sees something worth saving and so do I.

And I can’t forget Pete.  She’s an amazingly tenacious woman.  The realities she has to come face to face with in STREET MAGIC would have destroyed a weaker person, but she keeps getting back up, keeps fighting.  She’s not some Amazon warrior chick either.  She works with her strengths and is aware of her weaknesses, but isn’t afraid to get hurt. 

If the debut is any indication, the Black London series is a must read.  A dark and twisted urban fantasy set in a London filled with truly evil demons, fae and malevolent magic users.  The characters are broken in every possible way and yet they completely resonated with me.  I’m thoroughly invested in them so that it’s not a question of if I’ll be reading the rest of the series, it’s a question of how soon can I get caught up.  The 4th installment, DEVIL’S BUSINESS, will be published on August 30, 2011. 

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9 Responses to “Blogger Bully Review: Street Magic by Caitlin Kittredge”

  1. Fiction Vixen

    This is a great idea, I love it. Nice to have friends that push errr nudge you into reading books you might not have. 🙂

    This books looks intriguing. I have give it a try.

  2. Cait

    I love the idea that you and Angela do this!! I've recently..coerced..a friend of mine into making a book blog, so maybe we can try this out too!! Great review as well, I hadn't heard much about this series before but it definitely sounds intriguing.

  3. Dark Faerie Tales

    Glad you loved the book, Abigail! We are 2 for 2. Who will win the next round? Caitlin is one of my favorite dark fantasy authors.

  4. Abigail [All Things Urban Fantasy]

    Patricia – I think you should try it too & I'm so glad the sexual content portion is helpful.

    Fiction Fixen – yeah, well, we were hassling each other constantly so why not go public. Good thing for me that Angela has such good taste 🙂

    Cait – This is a series that doesn't get as much attention as some of the Biggies, but it deserves it. I hope you give it a shot and get the word out.

    Stephanie M – I have a theory that if my Must Read pile ever gets to a manageable amount I'm dong something wrong 🙂

    Angela – Yes, 2 for 2! It'll be interesting to see what happens if we end up picking a book the other doesn't like…hmmm…guess we'll have to wait and see.

  5. Melissa

    I love this series! I'm so happy to hear there's more. I thought it was done at three & the story didn't feel finished so I'm glad to hear I was wrong!