Review: Secrets of the Demon by Diana Rowland

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Secrets of the Demon (Kara Gillian, #3)

Title: Secrets of the Demon
Author: Diana Rowland
Series: Kara Gillian #3
Cover Art: Dan Dos Santos 
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: DAW (January 4, 2011)
ISBN-10: 0756406528
ISBN-13: 978-0756406523

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Reviewed by: Abigail

Book Description

Homicide detective Kara Gillian has a special talent: she can sense the "arcane" in our world, and there’s quite a bit of it, even in Beaulac, Louisiana. She’s also a summoner of demons, and works on a task force that deals with supernatural crimes. Her partners are attractive and smart FBI agents, but they’re not summoners, and they’re not telling Kara why they are on this special force with her.

To make things worse, Kara has pledged herself to one of the most powerful of demons-a Demon Lord-who helped save her partner’s life, but now expects things in return. Meanwhile, she’s trying to solve a string of murders that are somehow tied together by money, sex, rock music and…mud. But how can she concentrate on the case when she’s not even sure who-or what-her partners are?


With each book I read in Diana Rowland’s Kara  Gillian Demon Summoner urban fantasy series, I am more and more amazed that it is not one of the BIG NAME series in the genre.  It’s got phenomenal world building, a tough yet venerable heroine, a captivating love triangle, and a increasingly compelling metanarrative that just gets juicier with each book.

In the previous two books (see my reviews below) a number of delicious details were dropped about the Demonic Lord Rhyzkahl and his ultimate motives for desiring a contract with Kara, and the increasingly suspect nature of who and what Agent Ryan Kristoff is.  Well, we get some answers in SECRETS OF THE DEMON, though not quite as many as I was hoping for.

In the third installment of the series Kara has just joined the FBI task force responsible for supernatural crimes. The majority of the story in SECRETS OF THE DEMON revolves around a case Kara is investigating involving the usual murder and mayhem and, this time, Golems.  It’s not as intriguing as the cases in the previous books, and I did get a little impatient with all the time it took away from Rhyzkahl and his uneasy relationship with Kara.  Likewise, I wanted more from Ryan.  He and Rhyzkahl get noticeably less page time in this installment.  Still, it’s hard to complain when it still blows most other UF’s out of the park.

Overall, the Kara Gillian series continues to be smart and sexy with a refreshing blend of paranormal and police procedural, and SECRETS OF THE DEMON is yet another reason why this series should be on your must read list. Rowland reports that the next two books in the series will be coming soon and she has plans up through book eight!  I’m 100% sold on this series so bring more demon summoning goodness.

Sexual Content: a few semi graphic sex scenes.

My Rating:

imageimageimageimage 4/5
Excellent – Loved it! Buy it now & pre-order the sequel.

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