Review: Inhuman by Eileen Wilks

October 9, 2009 Review 0


image Book Blurb: People in Midland are dying. Only two so far, but both of them were Gifted, and both were killed when someone—or something—drained them of blood. Two months ago, the power winds swept through and changed the rules everywhere. Midland, Texas, didn’t suffer as much as some places, partly because this small West Texas city has only one smallish node . . . and because it has a guardian, little though Midlanders realize this. Nathan Hunter is well able to discourage the odd goblin, banshee, or ghoul. Kai Tallman Michalski is a reluctant telepath with a skewed Gift—she sees thoughts instead of experiencing them. So she’s known all along that Nathan isn’t human. She knows, too, that he’ll be leaving Midland soon, so she keeps a sensible grip on her emotions—until a third victim is found and she’s forced to team up with Nathan to stop a killer from striking again.

Timeline: Set after Blood Lines and before Night Season.

Review: This is the third book set in the compelling  World of the Lupi, but it was my first visit, and right off the bat this book struck a nerve with me when the author resorted to writing two of my pet peeves: In the first chapter alone Christians and Republicans are stereotypically dismissed as evil, ignorant  hate mongers.  I mean how cliché can you get? And the second pet peeve is the info dump.  Instead of gradually drawing her audience in to a world unlike our own, we get an entire history crammed into the first chapter. 

Starting chapter two, I was prepared to groan through the rest of this book for the purpose of this review, but after those initial turn offs (and basically a worthless first chapter full of irrelevant characters), not to mention the whole power wind concept which I found clear as mud, I ended up really liking this book, more to the point, I liked Nathan.  His chapters are by far the most interesting (as is the revelation of what he really is). Kai, on the other hand, was pretty vanilla. Yes, she is  Gifted (in some undefined way that we only get hints about initially), and yes, she does become more interesting towards the end, but Nathan is why I kept reading and why I was so disappointed to learn that nothing further has been, or is going to be written about him. Eileen had this to say on her website:

10-05-2009 08:02 am
…when I wrote about Kai & nathan I hoped to continue their story in books or novellas. But for now, my editor wants Rule & Lily stories from me, so no Kai & Nathan books–yet. This may change.

Maybe we should start  a letter campaign to Eileen Wilks’ Editor to write more books about Nathan (and Kai if she wants to)?  In the mean time, I’m already planning my next visit to the World of the Lupi. *NOTE I WILL BE REVIEWING EACH STORY IN THIS ANTHOLOGY IN SEPERATE POSTS*

Sexual Content:
There is a sex scene that is not overly graphic

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