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Aimée Carter Goddess Interrupted May 18th Guest Blog
Shona Husk Kiss of the Goblin Prince May 17th Guest Blog
Stacey Kade Body & Soul May 15th Interview
Alexis Reed Hunting the Shadows May 11th Guest Blog
Carrie Jones Endure May 10th Top 10 List
Justin Gustainis Evil Dark May 10th Guest Blog
Joseph Nassise By the Blood of Heroes May 7th Guest Blog
Yolanda Sfetsos A Patch of Darkness May 5th Guest Blog
Julie Kagawa The Immortal Rules Apr 27th Guest Blog
Shawntelle Madison Coveted Apr 23rd Top 10 List
Amanda Carlson Blooded Apr 17th Top 10 List
AC Arthur Temptation Rising Mar 29th Guest Blog
Thea Harrison Oracle’s Moon Mar 15th Interview
Laurie London Tempted by Blood Mar 13th Guest Blog
Gina Damico Croak Mar 12th Interview
Lauren Oliver Pandemonium Mar 1st Interview
Allison Pang A Sliver of Shadow Feb 27th Top 10 List
Gena Showalter & Jill Monroe Dating the Undead Feb 11th Top 10 List
Katie Reus Alpha Instinct Feb 7th Top 10 List
James R. Tuck Blood and Bullets Jan 31st Top 10 List
Syrie James & Ryan M. James Forbidden Jan 28th Guest Blog
Virna DePaul Chosen By Sin Jan 27th Guest Blog
Tiffany Allee Banshee Charmer Jan 27th Guest Blog
Brodi Aston Everneath Jan 17th Guest Blog
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